Salambo in Addis

Salambo discovering Ethiopia

The novelty is wearing off….

After living in Ethiopia for ten months now, the novelty is slowly wearing off…I have been infected with amoeba for the second time in four months, not knowing what I ate or drank that was contaminated (It is usually transmitted through water or raw food).  So from now on, I should avoid eating salad and raw food, including at home where we nonetheless wash all fruit and vegetable with chlorine. I am getting tired of having to always watch what I eat and where. I am also getting tired of the limited choice in food. Our diet is reduced to mainly beef and chicken with the range of fruit and vegetables we find here, which is quite wide in itself but our imagination and creative spirit for cooking new dishes is failing us!  We do not eat cheese because we can’t find it, or the one on sale is industrially processed and therefore not very tasty.  We can only find frozen fish, not fresh, and it is frozen in such a rudimentary way, in an unsealed plastic bag, that we hesitate to buy it. Equally, the yogurt we find here tends to have an unusual after taste, so I stopped buying it too. For variety we’re left with Ethiopian food, which is very good, but tends to be a bit too spicy in the long-run. We are probably ready to have a long summer break from the African way of life!

2 comments on “The novelty is wearing off….

  1. Lindsay
    July 6, 2012

    I have to ask – have you discovered Easiyo from New Zealand but easily available in UK. You make it yourself but it is sooo simple. I prefer easiyo yoghurt to anything. Of course you would have to import it and it is basically milk powder so I have no idea how easy that would be. But it comes in sachets which are easily slipped in a suitcase.

    • Salambo
      August 21, 2012

      thank you for your suggestion, will look for it, as it may be the answer in Ethiopia!

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